76,500 PKR

Orient Pioneer 1.5 Ton AC


Price of the Orient Pioneer 1.5 Ton AC in Pakistan is 76,500 PKR. Biggest Indoor in the Market, it’s a good air conditioner. Factory-installed Wi-Fi Kit, Built-in Energy Meter. In addition, Electricity Consumption Management, Online Control, 50 Feet Long Air Throw, Japanese PCB. as well as For All Weather Heat & Cool. The AC has 45 dB(A) low noise with 835 m³/h air circulation which results in fast air conditioning.

Orient Pioneer 1.5 Ton AC General Specifications

  • Capacity in TON:

    In Ton, it has 1.5 Ton Capacity

  • Cooling Capacity in BTUs

    In BTUs, it has 18000 Capacity

  • Type:

    It's a DC Inverter AC by Orient

  • Cooling:

    It Has a 3x Cooling And cleaning Air

  • Air Circulation:

    This DC Inverter AC has 835 m3/h Air Circulation

  • Color

    It's available in White color

Orient Pioneer 1.5 Ton AC Edition takes smartness to a whole new level! It has a built-in energy system that allows you to experience efficiency like never before. As well as You can view the AC’s activities and give it commands via online control. Get visual explanations on energy consumption in the form of charts and diagrams, Low Voltage Operations 150v, Low Voltage Operations. Moreover, Orient gives you a 1-year warranty with this air conditioner what are you waiting for.

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Full Specifications of Orient Pioneer 1.5 Ton AC

Let’s take a look at the complete specifications of the Pioneer 1.5 Ton AC!

  • FASTER COOLING: 3x cooler and cleaner air with the fastest cooling at the air delivery rate of 835 mph.

  • 50x QUIETER: Reason AC is 50 times quieter than any other DC Air-conditioner, operating at 45 dB.

  • MORE SAVING: Our air-conditioner is 1.5x more energy efficient with up to 85% energy-saving capabilities.

  • Copper Coil: 99.9% pure copper coil for best performance.
  • Heating: A powerful heater during the winters.
  • Wide Voltage Range: Efficient during low-voltage summer months.
  • Silent Operation: 50x quieter than all others.

  • Self-Diagnostics: Alerts you if something goes wrong.
  • Sleep Mode: Goes into sleep mode to save power.
  • Health & Filter: Takes care of all dust and bacteria.
  • 3D Airflow: Faster cooling through the 3D airflow.

  • Compressor Warranty: 10 Years
  • R410A Gas: 1 Year
  • Parts Warranty: 1 Year

  • Evaporator & Condenser: Gold Fin


The retail price of Orient Pioneer 1.5 Ton AC in Pakistan is 76,500 Rupee. It has 1.5 Ton & 18000 BTUs/hour capacity.

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