Samsung Galaxy S11 Specifications Detailed Review

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Are you going to buy Samsung Galaxy S11? But, you want to know about Samsung Galaxy S11 in detail? Here is Samsung Galaxy S11 Specifications Detailed Review for you. Samsung soon launches it’s Galaxy S11, expected launch is in the start of 2020.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Specifications Detailed Review

According to the Samsung’s officials, S11 will be in market with three different variants. These variants will involve display size, camera, RAM, ROM & Price. It means, Galaxy S11 will be available in three models, each of them will have different display size, camera, RAM, ROM & Price.

Samsung Galaxy S11 with three different variants

Therefore, Samsung Galaxy S11 will be available in 6.4 inch, 6.7 inch & 6.9 inch options. The smallest display size i.e 6.4 inch model will be “S11e”, while, the largest display size i.e 6.9 inch model will be “S11 Plus”.

Moreover, according to updates by Samsung official, upcoming S11 all three variants will feature curved displays. So, all the upcoming three variants will oppose the flat display style of the already available S10. This gonna be more interesting to have Samsung Galaxy’s “S” series in different display style like curved one.

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Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus

Another aspect of S11 is it’s back panel, it’ll be available in blue, gray & black colors. While, S11e will be available in pink, gray & blue colors.

Furthermore, the design of S11 is just like a pill with dual camera on its front side. Similarly, pill-shaped quad camera arrangement on the back side. The primary shooter on this quad camera will max out at a whopping 108 megapixels & will accompany a 5 times optical zoom. Moreover, this optical zoom will fuse with digital zoom, to feel like “Space Zoom”. So, it’ll be best for photography at night too.

Though, in terms of design & dimension there are three different variants. But, if we talk about connectivity, there will be five variations, as, first Samsung’s S11 Plus will be with 5G enabled technology.

That’s all about “Samsung Galaxy S11 Specifications Detailed Review”. Don’t forget to share your views about Galaxy S11. In case of any query, feel free to comment or contact us.


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